Marjinal & Hanoil Brasil International Ltda's expert staffs have been active in the field of oil trading for many years. Marjinal & Hanoil's policy is local expertise, management ability and business reputation. In order to consolidate its strong position in the field of international oil industry, it has the opportunity to perform its regional trade activities.

Marjinal & Hanoil Brasil International Ltda's working principle is consisted of respect for people, respect for the environment, and principle of assessing opportunities in the most effective way.

In order to reach a high standard that renew itself, Marjinal & Hanoil provides services with a management team that is specialized and fully equipped. In so doing, Marjinal & Hanoil attempts to provide the best and most advantageous service. To consolidate its power with its internationally recognized world-class business approach, Marjinal & Hanoil adopted this as a mission. Also Marjinal & Hanoil aims to use all the possibilities offered by modern technology for the oil industry within the framework of an eco-friendly approach without posing a threat for human beings' lives. Marjinal & Hanoil is committed to try to contribute to the local areas provide economic, social and cultural support while working at international platform.
Marjinal & Hanoil Brasil International Ltda
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